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La Veranda’s New Menu – I

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City Sports’ La Veranda has a new menu! Forgive me for being all excited over the news, but I just found out a while ago. I dropped by the place because my brother was practicing basketball there, and my mother & sister were going there, as well. While waiting for my family to arrive, I sent them text messages – happy ones saying “City Sports has a new menu! There are so many new dishes on it!”. My sister’s reply? “I know”. Apparently, I was the last one to know. But whatever, it was still good news for me as I was getting tired of their old menu.

See, the new menu now has pictures! Very appetizing ones, at that. It took me a while to decide what I wanted to have. I was getting pressured since I don’t like making waiters wait for me, even though waiting IS part of their job description (they’re not called waiters for nothing, no? The waiter told me to take my time, mind you). There were so many new and delicious-sounding names to choose from, but I wasn’t feeling so adventurous, so I ordered pork sisig. It’s picture, which had a whole lot of onions, helped my decision-making.

Look at that, the sisig in all its sizzling and bubbling glory. It was fantastic, especially with the mayonnaise and a jillion drops of hot sauce, but it was too oily. I swear I must have scooped about two spoonfuls of oil. This is definitely not for the weight and health-conscious. I feel like my arteries have been clogged! I will kill myself if I don’t work out at the gym tomorrow.

I am the self-proclaimed biggest iced tea fan in the world, so seeing that La Veranda already had bottomless iced tea was great news for me. I should seriously stop drinking copious amounts of this, though. With the amount of time I spend in the gym, I think I’d probably be quite skinny now if it wasn’t for my great affinity for iced tea… and food, in general. Haha.

My sister always has this every single time. Grilled pork belly may seem like a boring dish for some of you, but trust me, La Veranda’s is one of the best I’ve ever tasted. The dipping sauce is incredible, too!

I wanted to have the Vanilla Landslide for dessert since it sounded very, say, dangerously sinful, but they ran out of vanilla ice cream. I chose strawberry, instead. Anyway, the waiter didn’t know what a Vanilla – or in this case, a Strawberry Landslide was since he said no one else had ordered it before (yey for me!), so thinking that I was in for a surprise, I got it.

I was disappointed when it arrived as it was only ice cream with crushed Oreos. I was expecting something more… un-ordinary. But ice cream is ice cream, and ice cream with crushed Oreos is even better, so I enjoyed it, nonetheless.

I cannot wait for the next time I get to eat at La Veranda. I’ll definitely be more willing to try out something I’ve never had before.

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November 15, 2010 at 3:18 pm