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D’2K’s BBQ

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Whenever I’m staying in Mandaue, I always, ALWAYS make it a point to ask my mother to buy barbecue from my favorite barbecue place, D’2K’s BBQ.

D’2K’s is in Talamban, a few steps away from the sports complex. It’s a “kilid-kilid” kind of place, but finding it shouldn’t be too difficult. It actually used to be called 3K’s, but one of the K’s left… thus, D’2K’s. Anyway, since it’s pretty near where my younger siblings study, what my mother and I do is drop by D’2K’s before picking up the kids from school, place our orders in advance because believe me, A LOT of people flock there every night. We then pick up the food on our way home, making it much more convenient than having to wait, wait and wait.

I love their pork barbecue and isaw (chicken intestines). Plus they’re really cheap, too! They cost 6 and 2 pesos, respectively.

Their sauce is sweet and they smother it all over the food generously. This is the reason I know of a few people who don’t like D’2K’s, but this is one of the reasons I am obsessed with their barbecue (I seem to be obsessed about many things, no?).

At home, I eat the barbecue with rice and using my bare hands, of course. Bare-handed barbecue eating always makes it taste so much better. And do not forget the Coke. Never forget the ice cold glass of Coca-Cola.

D’2K’s BBQ accepts orders. Call them at 418-0034, 0926-2003132 or 0915-9948299. No “What Paolo Thinks” for this post. I think my rating for it is quite obvious. Hahaha.


Written by paoloberdin

December 10, 2010 at 12:38 pm