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It is common knowledge (at least among my family and friends, anyway) that I am obsessed with Kublai Khan’s, starting back when it first opened its first branch in Country Mall years ago. It is always the place I suggest when someone asks me where we should it. I eat there every chance I get and have become friends with the staff. In fact, I eat there so frequently that when I walk up to the counter, they cashier already knows what I’m ordering. She gives me a bowl before I can even say a word and asks, “Bottomless iced tea?”. No matter how hard I try to avoid eating too much, especially after working out, I can never say no to Kublai.

I know quite a number of people, however, who don’t like Kublai. There are even some who get surprised when they realize how much I like it. It is my personal belief that the only people who dislike Kublai are those who don’t know how to mix their ingredients, which for first-timers, can be tricky.

You choose from EAT-ALL-U-CAN (the big black bowl, with which you can have as many times as you like), ALL-U-CAN-FILL (the smaller white bowl, with which you can only get once but can fill up to your heart’s desire), or CHECK-A-BOWL (they give you a checklist of ingredients, and you check the ones you want, but there is a maximum number for each category e.g. 3 sauces, 5 vegetables). I always have the ALL-U-CAN-FILL (I actually used to order the EAT-ALL-U-CAN even though I could only finish one bowlful – it was my always my desire to be able to devour more!)

Once you give your bowl to the server so that your food can be cooked, you are given a number to avoid mix-ups. Wait a few minutes, and they’ll serve you your bowl. I like mixing my food before I start eating because the meats tend to gather at the bottom. And if you’re interested in trying out my personal recipe, here it is (this only works on Canton noodles, by the way. I tried this sauce on rice and rice noodles but it wasn’t quite the same):

a BIG teaspoon of garlic
4 teaspoons of Calamansi
2 ladles of Barbecue sauce
1.5 ladles of Szechuan sauce
1 ladle of Teriyaki sauce
1 ladle of Oyster sauce
Half a ladle of Sesame oil
Canton noodles
Beef, chicken and squid
Onions, spring onions and bean sprouts

What Paolo Thinks (this is pretty obvious):


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