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My side of the city isn’t exactly where you’d find the “most happening places”. Because of the lack of places to go to, when something new opens, the most intense feeling of excitement immediately runs through my body. With that said, you can only imagine how excited I was when the other day, my grandmother told me that there was a new Filipino restaurant in Paseo Arcenas – so excited that I managed to convince her that we would try it out that same day.

The new place is called TamGu Grill, which is located right across La Marea. I initially believed the term TamGu to be a mix of the owners’ names or something like that, but when I asked the waitress what it really meant, she said “Tambal Gutom, sir”. How… clever. Haha. Anyway, its tag line is “The Only Native Restaurant Southside of Cebu” (I don’t know how true this is), has free WiFi, and gives you your first order of plain rice for free!

We had the Tinolang Isda to start, which I had 2 bowls of. I don’t normally drink soup that has fish in it, but I liked this one. I think the tomatoes and onions, which there were a lot of, helped.

I knew I wanted Gambas even before we stepped into the restaurant, and was happy that their menu had it. I wasn’t so happy with how it tasted, though, as it was too sweet for my liking. I was expecting something spicy.

The Beef Steak Tagalog was also served on a hot plate, which surprised me. I can’t emphasize enough the fact that I’m not a food critic, but I found the beef to be quite bland. It also would have been better if there was more sauce.

I had Maja Mais for dessert, which is made from coconut milk, cornstarch, and sugar. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted bad Maja, and I hope I never will. As one of my favorite Filipino desserts, I will forever hate anyone who makes bad Maja, and to put it simply, I don’t hate TamGu’s maja maker. Haha.

What Paolo Thinks:

TamGu Grill is located at Paseo Arcenas, Banawa.
They are open from 10am to 2pm, and accept large orders & event reservations.
For inquiries, call them at 268-9488.


Written by paoloberdin

November 21, 2010 at 8:31 am

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  1. had a terrible experience with TamGu Grill though their food is okay but their staff doesn’t have good customer service. We were eating there with my family and the girl server fixed the plates/dishes eventhough she saw that my son was still eating. We were washing our hands in the washing area and they turned off the lights eventhough they know that there are still people there who are using the washing area. The staff are very unfriendly, unaccommodating and very rude. Please escalate this concern to your management. thanks.


    March 5, 2012 at 1:47 am

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