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One night last week, the official Facebook account of Balamban Liempo added me after it voted for What Paolo Eats in some contest I’m part of (which I will discuss later as I’m surprisingly currently not shameless enough for self-promotion). I would browse through their pictures every single night thereafter, and regret it greatly afterward because I would get the worst pangs of hunger. Mental note: never look at pictures of food late at night.

Last night, I was looking at Balamban Liempo’s pictures again, and was salivating at the perfectly cooked pork belly literally smothered with great amounts of herbs and spices, when I realized that I couldn’t take this foolishness anymore (HAHA). I had to touch the liempo with my bare hands and taste it it my mouth… I would end the days of just looking at it on the creen of my laptop! So I asked our driver Manong Tata to buy liempo (there are so many branches already, there’s bound to be one where you live – the nearest to my house is the one in Capitol), and waited quite impatiently for him to get back.

I hurriedly ran down to the kitchen when I learned that Manong Tata had come back with my lunch and was greeted by grandmother, who was angry at me for buying food even though we already had lunch. I had to reason out that I had been craving for Balamban Liempo for days already, until she calmed down (the liempo was PHP 175, but I was expecting it to be PHP 160 – maybe because it was for take-out or they’ve simply increased their prices).

And there it was, in all its liempo-tic glory. I would’ve secretly shed tears of joy if there weren’t any people around me. Paired with an ice cold glass of Coke, I had an undeniably terrific lunch… which I shall now send to burn in calorie hell by going to the gym.

What Paolo Thinks:

NOW AVAILABLE 1/2 Balamban Liempo for just 90php @ Balamban Liempo at Larsian Fuente ALSO AVAILABLE! The Balamban Liempo Solo Meal! 1/2 Liempo, 4 Puso, 1 8oz Softdrink for 115PhP Only! Sulit Meal for Two 1/2 Liempo, 8 Puso, 2 8oz Softdrinks for 145PhP ONLY!Available @ Larsian Fuente Branch ONLY! For Orders and Deliveries Kindly Contact 09334055045 or 09238305196 Thanks!

*Our Group Meals!

Good for 3 to 4 Persons

1 Balamban Liempo
15 Puso
1 1.5 Liters Softdrinks

270PhP ONLY (Dine-In Price)

Average Cost Per Meal Per Person (If you are four) = 67.50PhP/pax

Delivery Price => 300PhP ONLY

Average Cost Per Meal Per Person (If you are four) = 75PhP/pax

Good for 5 to 8 Persons

2 Balamban Liempo
30 Puso
2 1.5 Liters Softdrinks

540PhP ONLY (Dine-In Price)

Average Cost Per Meal Per Person (If you are eight) = 67.50PhP/pax

Delivery Price => 570PhP ONLY!

Average Cost Per Meal Per Person (If you are eight) = 71PhP/pax

Good for 10-15 Persons

4 Liempo
50 Puso
3 1.5 Liters Softdrinks

For 995PhP ONLY! (Dine-In and Delivery Price)

Average Cost Per Meal Per Person (if you are 15) = 66PhP/pax

We Deliver 4 Liempo for FREE!
We Deliver 3 Liempo but we will charge you 30PhP
We Deliver 2 Liempo but we will charge you 40PhP
We also Deliver just 1 Liempo but we will charge you 50PhP

*You can add Liempo, Puso or Softdrinks if you like.
*Available @ our Larsian Fuente Branch ONLY.

We also deliver in IT PARK if you want Balamban Liempo to be part of your Midnight Lunches because our Larsian Fuente Branch Grilling Time is at 10:00AM-12:00MN. We also Deliver “Puso” and 1.5 Liters Softdrinks right in your Building or Office.

We also cater to all BPO Companies and Non-BPO Companies outside of I.T. Park.

FOR DELIVERIES! Just contact us @ 09226205921 or 09334055045


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November 18, 2010 at 5:00 am

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  1. i hate you! HAHAHAHA hungry!

    Mikey Sanchez

    November 19, 2010 at 9:21 am

  2. omg. by looking at the food shots, i can tell that this liempo with herbs is yummy.
    must try this on my next visit to cebu


    December 6, 2010 at 1:50 pm

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