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The Hotel Elizabeth Grand Opening

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If you’ve read my Hotel Elizabeth post on What Paolo Writes, than you’ll know that we had dinner there after the fashion show. I was expecting hoping that the food would be plated becuase I hate having buffets at big events. There are just so many people, and it sort of gets messy and too crowded (*flashback: Garland 2010, where people left Waterfront and  went to I.T. Park to eat). When Tita Nikki told us to go get food already before a stampede would ensue, I took no second chances and went to the buffet room right away.

There were different kinds of salads as appetizers. Not being a fan of vegetables, I had the shrimp salad, which was delicious (or maybe I’m just biased as I love anything shrimp), and which I did not get to take a photo of.

Yang Chow Fried Rice, which I will always choose over plain steamed rice

Vegetable Gratin – I hate carrots, so I only got broccoli and beans, which are two of the few vegetables I can stand.

Linguni Al Vongole – regretting not getting this – I hardly had any space left on my plate!

Duck A’Orange – which is really just like orange chicken, only with a different kind of bird and a fancier name. Not my type.

Roast Lamb Chops With Mint Jelly – lamb isn’t exactly a common food here in the Philippines, is it? I just had to have this, and it was tender and delicious!

U.S. Ribe-Eye With Peppercorn – I love steak and I loved this! It was cooked medium well, just the way I like it, and the gravy was fantastic!

My plate – I am such a meat eater, no? There’s even some lechon there, which you probably cannot point out haha. My stomach didn’t have much room left for dessert, but seeing that there was strawberry panna cotta (two of my favorite things), I had some and was immediately brought to sugar heaven.

Thank you to Ronald, Tita Bom Bom and Tita Nikki for inviting us!

What Paolo Thinks:

The Elizabeth Hotel is located along Archbishop Reyes Avenue (beside the Isuzu showroom and across One Acacia Place). It has a walking distance of only 2-3 minutes from Ayala Center Cebu. For inquiries and reservations, call (032) 253 4966 or visit http://www.ilink.ph/elizabeth-hotel-cebu



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November 17, 2010 at 4:27 am

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  1. Garland *shudders*.. it was a nightmare.


    November 17, 2010 at 3:07 pm

  2. I hate vegetables! Apir! Hihih.


    November 19, 2010 at 5:31 am

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