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Maki Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar, Iloilo

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If you’re in Iloilo, you should definitely eat at Maki Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar. On DAY 3, we had their lunch buffet, which not only had Japanese cuisine, but also Filipino dishes. With two of my favorite kinds of food, how could I say no (mind you still full from breakfast, which was also a buffet)?

This is the table of Japanese food. There’s sashimi and different kinds of maki and tempura and Japanese dumplings and a bunch of other dishes I didn’t know what were, but were all good, nonetheless. I know quite a number of people who don’t eat sashimi since it’s raw fish, but those people are completely missing out. I love sashimi (dipped in wasabi-loaded soy sauce – yummmm) , and I put loads and loads of it on my plates (take note: plates – plural form).

There was incredibly tender chicken teriyaki also, which I made sure to get second servings of.

This was what I ate the most: grilled squid! Why it’s yellow, I don’t know and care. All I know is that I almost cried tears of joy upon tasting the squid, with tons of onions and tomatoes stuffed inside them.

Pork tonkatsu

This was a pleasant surprise: they gave us oysters, which weren’t on the buffet table

For dessert, they had a halo-halo station with homemade ice cream. I don’t eat halo-halo, so I settled with two bowls of ice cream instead – vanilla ice cream (not homemade) which I topped with real ube jam, and ube (homemade), which tasted great. It had just the right amount of sweetness (haha these pseudo-food critic comments are making me laugh hahahahaha). Seen in the picture is Benj, who consumed his vanilla ice cream right down to the last melted drop.

What Paolo Thinks:

Maki Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar is located at the Smallville Complex, Diversion Road. For inquiries and reservations, call (033) 321-3885.


Written by paoloberdin

November 8, 2010 at 4:53 pm

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